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Pamela Lange Certified Dietary Specialist

Whether your health goals are:

• weight loss

• improved cholesterol levels

• improved blood sugar control

• lowered blood pressure or

• maintaining or improving health....

You have come to the right place!

What you can expect from the phone consultation.

Phone Consultation:

  1. Before a plan of action can be designed that will achieve the most optimum wellness results, we must first understand your goals and what you wish to accomplish. This will be done through our initial phone consultation.
  2. Your wellness casino jameshallison plan will be assessed based on judgment of our certified  dietary specialist.
  3. Your Initial Consultation consists of  1-15 min phone evaluation and a full assessment of your nutritional status based on your symptoms, health goals, diet, lifestyle.

Pamela lange:

  • 14 years Certified Dietary Specialist.
  • We track your results.
  • Only carry products that work.

Please contact us at toll free 888-238-1822 and ask for Pamela