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The Viva Vision

VivaVitamins is a nutritional supplement company based in Valencia, California. Viva’s corporate offices and main distribution center are located in southern California.

Founders, Bernard Kash and Cheryl Broughton have teamed up with professionals in the supplement industry whose kasyno experience spans the over the last three decades. Their ultimate objective is to make Viva Vitamins the most unique supplement company using only the highest quality ingredients in efficacious doses. Viva’s experts include natural wellness retailers who’ve worked first hand Stateside, Williams has presided within the rollout from the Play4Fun Network together with numerous US tribal brick-and-mortar best casinos . with clients finding alternative health choices and helping people take charge of their life, as well as nutritionists, doctors and veteran scientists who’ve worked for the most reputable Laboratories in the United States and are an integral part of the team.

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